My Leadership Style

I am not your typical politician or candidate running for public office and my leadership style reflects that. I strive to be highly collaborative, and am motivated by building relationships and bringing people and organizations together across our differences to make positive change.  For 10 years I have been using this approach to develop solutions to address some of the biggest challenges facing our state and city. 

If I have the honor to serve as your city council woman, I will help to lead our community in the following ways :

Relationship builder and listener - I will focus on building a meaningful and positive relationship with you, as well as strong connections across the city and within our community.  I believe leaders must be listening to those who are most impacted by the decisions being made.  And I believe there is tremendous wisdom in our community and when we engage new voices in the decision-making process, we can create innovative and community-driven solutions to address key issues.

Coalition Builder and Connector - In Bloomington, we have incredible assets including engaged residents, nonprofits and faith organizations, a strong business community, a nurturing city-based school system, and a beautiful and growing diverse population. I wholeheartedly believe that by working together, we can create solutions to the challenges facing our community and build an even stronger, healthier and more prosperous Bloomington.

Communicator – Authentic and respectful communication is key to building relationships and engaging the community. As your city council woman and as your neighbor, I commit to being authentic and respectful to you.  In addition, I want to work to understand how best to engage you in our city.  I would love to hear the ideas you have to make Bloomington the very best it can be. 

Advocate – I am an advocate at heart. I have spent my adult life advocating for our community, our families, and for our kids and elders.  I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to live healthy and well – an issue I have advocated on professionally for over a decade.  As your city council woman, I will use my experience, knowledge and skills to continue that advocacy on behalf of our community and residents at the city, regional, state and federal levels.