Our community matters and I believe we can do better. During my campaign, I will be coming to you to hear about the issues you care about and the ideas you have.  I strongly believe that candidates, and elected officials alike, should be accessible and should spend their time learning from the people they serve or want to serve. I want to spend time talking to you about how we can work together to create an even stronger Bloomington, one where you can live in any zip code in our city and have the opportunity to thrive.  When we work together to meet the needs of everyone in our community, we all benefit and Bloomington as a whole becomes an even better and stronger place.

Opportunity for health and well-being

Housing - Currently, many middle- and low-income families can barely afford rent or to buy houses in Bloomington.  I have advocated for policies that support and protect safe and affordable housing for home buyers as well as for renters.  As your city council woman, I would continue that effort through creative and innovative strategies to increase access to affordable and safe housing options that meet a variety of income, family and cultural needs.

Transportation – We need a safe, reliable and efficient transportation system.  People need to be able to get to their job, their doctor, schools and to grocery stores.  With increasing population density and more people commuting, we must be able to maintain our roadways and bridges, but we also need options for transit, biking and walking in order to decrease congestion, address air quality issues, and improve quality of life for Bloomington residents.

Workforce - I strongly believe in the dignity of workers. Many people are working hard in Bloomington but cannot afford to live here.  Many are having a hard time providing for themselves and their families. As your city council woman, I will build a diverse coalition that includes community members, the business community, community-based organizations and others to identify ways we can better support those who are working hard in our city.  

Community-centered development - Bloomington is on the verge of developing several big projects and also needs to focus on the redevelopment of major corridors. With these opportunities come many considerations including what kind of options there are for affordable housing, green space, parks, and small and locally owned businesses to locate in the area (including food trucks and taprooms!). We also need these areas need to be walkable and conducive to building important social connections.  And at the heart of those decisions should be our community members, now and into the future. 

Fiscal responsibility - I believe in effective, efficient, and responsible government.  We should be consistently analyzing our spending to ensure that our resource allocations are aligning with our stated priorities.  We also must balance the budget and ensure we are not causing undue tax burden on our community members now or in the future.