Leadership Experience

  • Advocated for affordable, safe and inclusionary housing policies through the Bloomington Housing Coalition.  As part of the coalition, I serve as the chair of the policy committee and on the leadership team, where we focus on strengthening the connection between residents, community organizations and the City.

  • Brought together parents to raise awareness of student homelessness in our city.  As part of that, we have partnered with school district staff and a local nonprofit to launch a toiletry drive to meet the needs of homeless students.

  • Serve on the Board of Directors of VEAP, a local nonprofit serving Bloomington residents.

  • In 2018, I was awarded a Humphrey Policy Fellowship. The policy fellows program is built on core values of bipartisanship, inclusiveness, and seeking common good solutions to public challenges.

  • Partnered with ClearWay Minnesota and advocated for the T21 ordinance in Bloomington, limiting access to tobacco products to those under 21 and improving the lives of our youth now and in the future.


Serve and provide leadership on statewide cross-sector coalitions including:

  • Partners to End Hunger – advocating for policy solutions to address the root causes of hunger in Minnesota.

  • Minnesotans for Healthy Kids Coalition – advocating for policy solutions that will allow kids to grow up healthy and well.

  • Transportation Forward Coalition – advocating for long term dedicated funding for transportation infrastructure so that people across our state can access jobs, healthcare, grocery stores and other amenities required to live healthy and well. This includes roads, bridges, transit, biking and pedestrian infrastructure.

  • Launched the Good Food Access Campaign leading to the passage of a Healthy Food Financing Initiative in Minnesota, providing grants and loans to support retailers in areas where there is little access to food.

  • Co-founder of the Born to Thrive Coalition  – advocating for systems changes that allow children 0-5 to grow up healthy and well.

  • Co-founded and built a network of over 300 organizations working together to improve access to food in the metro area.