Hello Neighbors!

I am Jenna Carter and I am running for Bloomington City Council because community matters.

Thank you for visiting! My name is Jenna Carter and I am running to be your at-large Bloomington City Council representative.  I live in Bloomington with my husband Mike, our two kids Dylan (8) and Evelyn (4), and our labradoodle Luna. 

All my life I have been driven by the core values of community, fairness, respect, accountability, and compassion.  I bring experience as a mom, wife, neighbor, and volunteer who has worked with a variety of nonprofits in our community including VEAP, the Bloomington Housing Coalition, and our schools.  I also have over a decade of professional experience working to create healthier communities through community engagement, relationship building, and the creation of effective public policies.  I am running for Bloomington City Council because I believe community matters and every person living in our city should have the opportunity to thrive. 

Bloomington is a wonderful place to live, with a lot that is working well.  But unfortunately, where you live in our city is one of the strongest determinants of your health and even your life expectancy.  Within the city limits, the zip code a child is raised in not only determines how long they will live, but also their chances for success in school and their professional career as an adult.  That, in turn, impacts everyone living here as well as our city’s long-term potential. As your city council woman, I will be committed to a community where every child can thrive and have a real opportunity to succeed, with access to safe and affordable housing, great schools, recreation opportunities, smart transportation options, and jobs that provide the resources families need to be able to support and care for themselves.

As your city council woman, I will not only invite you to conversations, I will also come to you to seek out your thoughts and advice.  I will listen to and respect your voice and will invite you to be part of creating the solutions we need.  I will strive to build bridges across the different segments of our community to help address the challenges facing us.  And I will work with our residents, faith communities, non-profits, small business owners, large employers, and the city to create innovative and bold solutions that will improve Bloomington now and into the future. 

As your city council woman, I will lead with the values we share and will do everything in my power to ensure that every child raised here and every person living in our city has the opportunity to not only thrive, but to help make Bloomington the very best it can be. 

I would be honored to represent you and ask for your vote in November. 

Thank you!